Discovery of America

In Russia, you can film anything you like. Almost. In Moscow, there are excellent urban landscapes - it's a pity that they flash in every second film or video. With natural beauties, too, everything is in order, especially in remote corners - which, alas, cannot be said about the amenities there. And of course, it's difficult to find places where Frank Sinatra was walking or drinking his morning Meryl Streep coffee. The Hollywood industry has penetrated the American economy so much that the invisible presence of a big movie is felt literally anywhere in the US. We remember that rock from the films with Clint Eastwood, on this beach where "Rescuers Malibu" was filmed, and here at the end of the mountainous street the same bar from "Dirty Dancing" hid. In the time of finally victorious postmodernism, the importance of all these memorable places for each spectator cannot be overestimated. It's no wonder that many would like to film and film themselves there. The case is obvious- we go to America! Studio ExEx.Pro opens two production bases in Miami and Los Angeles. At the disposal of our clients are comfortable apartments on both coasts of the USA, any necessary surveying equipment with a team of technicians and operators, as well as access to friendly actors and stunt agencies. Hollywood is much closer than it seems! At the beginning of our work on the American continent, our creative team conducted a thorough examination on the ground. In search of the best places to shoot on the East Coast, we combed New York with the suburbs, Rhode Island and Florida. In the West (many places still quite wild) we, with the help of quadrocopters, conducted examinations of the area in the Eastwood National Park of Red Rocks, the Valley of Death and, of course, the famous Grand Canyon. To avoid traveling far for these beauties, in the capital of Arizona, Phoenix and the town of Sedona, close to the “Red Rocks” we also organized guest points. Why spend money on expensive hotels and long journeys, when you can unite the stars with the whole crew on one comfortable villa? Then celebrate the successful end of filming by the pool. As for the "City of Angels", it is in itself one giant film set. And for those who believe Star Boulevard, Hollywood hills and polished Beverly Hills aren’t enough, can easily head to to Las Vegas! There a trained team capable of implementing any ideas will also meet them. What else can you wish for?