In our studio you can order video of any level of complexity. For whatever shooting our team undertook, we guarantee the result at the highest level.

The final cost of production of video clips depends on specific tasks and conditions and is approved in the form of an outlay. Shooting is understood as 10 hours of work of the crew (including all necessary movements, work on installing and adjusting light, sound and other necessary equipment) plus 1 hour break.

In order for our cooperation to be effective and mutually supportive, it’s worth starting with filling out a brief on the production of a video clip. This will help us better understand your goals, correctly present the main idea of the future video clip and calculate the planned costs, as well as assist in the production and shooting.

The more complete your information will be, the more efficiently we will execute your order. If problems and questions arise during the completion of the brief, you can feel free to contact us for help. Write to the address

Any information received within the framework of this document is confidential and is not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties without the written permission of the customer.


Choose one of the four main types of video shooting, fill out the chosen brief and send it to our email. We will prepare a commercial offer for you in the shortest possible time.

  • Brief for shooting commercials

    Application for the creation of advertising video content, both television and Internet formats.


  • Brief for the music video production

    Music videos and other artistic forms. Do you need a script, actors, special effects and computer graphics, unusual shooting locations?


  • Brief for the presentation production

    Production of presentation, corporate, educational films – in short, any products that represent in detail the professional activities of the company or enterprise.


  • Brief for event video shooting

    Suitable for forming the cost of video shooting of various types of events, both for individuals and for companies. Birthdays and anniversaries, corporate holidays and official events, parties, concerts and themed evenings.