• Full cycle production
  • Shooting team
  • Aerial photography
  • Scripts and storyboard
  • Casting
  • Stuntmen and pyrotechnics
  • Scenery and locations
  • Natural special effects and make-up
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Postproduction
  • Photography

“Shooting for the sake of filming” is not about us. Each project consists of a number of separate stages and the client is free to choose what exactly it needs. We have professionals of all profiles work, from operators and editors, to writers and directors in our staff. Our creative team will offer you some ideas for the video at the negotiation stage. And what if the idea already exists? It is even better! We will quickly turn it into a full-fledged script with an artistic storyboard.
Depending on the complexity of the script, we will conduct the entire preparatory work cycle: casting actors, locating locations and props, preparing a chromakey studio or a pavilion with equipment for digital motion capture.
We use our own RED Dragon cameras with 5K and 8K resolution, as well as our own lighting equipment. If a simple exit survey is required, the “rapid reaction team” ExEx.Pro in the operator and the illuminator is ready to move out to any point for several hours.
Then the customer himself is free to decide what to do with the material. We are ready to brightly and spectacularly mount the footage, add any graphic material, music and sound effects. For dubbing we will select professional announcers. No less important stage is color correction. The amateur can not even imagine how much the quality of the picture depends on the color-flow. You can be sure that in our case the colors will be perfect!
In addition, we are engaged in the production of computer graphics on the basis of our sister-studio Kino-Atis. We are ready to decorate your clip with infographics, 2D and 3D-animation, CGI-special effects of the highest quality/
Each client is free to choose only those services that he really needs, and as if from the Legos cubes to assemble with their help his own unique project. Whatever the client’s tasks, no matter what budget he has at that – ExEx.Pro always has an optimal solution!