Fast and furious

"Chase! What detective story does without it? One runs, the other catches up ... such is the immutable law of the genre. A detective without a chase is like life without love”. Since the filming of “Watch out for the car”, much has changed in the world of cinema, but not chases. Even today, in the era of the all-conquering CGI, the most advanced studios and eminent directors prefer to shoot the feats of fearless racers “in kind”. And how else to convey an amazing drive and the smell of burning rubber in the frame? However, in order to impress the modern sophisticated viewer, the operators have to work more than ever before, mastering the work with the most advanced equipment. The ExEx.Pro film crew spent several adrenaline hours at crazy speeds. Shooting at this level is a piecework, and we can confidently say that we can do it well. Not a single skid or dangerous U-turn was left without attention in the smallest detail.