Mermaids of Key West and six-fingered cats

If you believe the legends, you will struggle to find an area where mermaids do not inhabit- from the North Sea next to the coast of Denmark, to the small backwaters of provincial Russia, and even in Alaska. But, you see, what kind of naiad doesn’t want to splash in the forever summer, warm ocean waters near Florida? Team ExEx.Pro presents a fairy tale story, filmed in the southernmost point of the US - the island town of Key West, famous for the residence of Hemingway, unique six-fingered cats, among other things. The magical island seemed to us more than a natural environment for our supernatural heroine. The impression was strengthened by manatees, splashing in the coastal waves, iguanas strolling straight down the city sidewalks, and alligators hiding almost under every other hummock. Because of the latter, the heroine of the video asked to conduct underwater shooting in a pool, and not in open water. So in the near future - buying a shark resistant cage!