«Veresk» in Serebryany Bor

The heather legend is one of the central in the poetic tradition of the Scottish Celts.

“The Lord asked heather if he was ready to settle on these lifeless hills to make them beautiful. Heather looked at the poor soil, the harsh climate and doubted whether he could cope with such a task, but, to the joy of God, he agreed and promised to do everything in his power. The delighted Lord decided to reward the brave plant with generous rewards and gave him three gifts. Strength of oak - heather bark is stronger than the bark of any other tree or shrub; aroma of honeysuckle - the delicate aroma of heather is used in the manufacture of scented soaps, candles and cosmetic products; the sweetness of a rose - the sweet heather flowers make it desirable for bees collecting healing heather honey. To this day, heather has three divine gifts and adorns the desert Scottish hills, despite the soil, rain and wind”.

The creators of the "Veresk" residential complex in Serebryany Bor tried to bring the legend to life - three gifts, three forces that this residential complex embodies, are quite in tune with it. Residential buildings of business class, reflect the strength and will to live. A comfortable courtyard park, secure underground parking, landscaped grounds and commercial infrastructures reflect the comfort and tranquility that heather provides. And, finally, beautiful and modern apartments, created according to unique projects, will help you to fully experience the home warmth and comfort promised by the legend.

ExEx.Pro is proud to present 3D images of the outstanding complex.